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The title of Riverfest Commodore is highly sought after, year after year. It is awarded to members of the community who display an outstanding record of civic involvement and service in our local community.  Riverfest is currently taking nominations for our new Commodore and First Mate.  If you know someone in our community that you would like to nominate, please review the information and fill out the form below.  We thank you for your contribution of to make Riverfest even better with your recommendation!

The basic qualifications for a Riverfest Commodore are as follows.  If your candidate meets these requirements please feel free to fill out the form below to submit your nomination.  For the "summary of qualifications” section, please provide a general biography or resume for your nominee that displays their service record and other qualities that make for a great Riverfest Commodore.

1)  The nominee must reside within 40 miles of La Crosse and may be Male or Female

2)  Must have a significant record of civic involvement and service in their community and in the general La Crosse area

3)  Must be perceived as having the personality and ability to represent Riverfest and the La Crosse area as a Good Will Ambassador

4)  Must be of good character

5)  Must bring representation from area communities, organizations, businesses, and/or professions which provides balance to the Commodore Group

6)  Must have the ability, along with their First Mate, to easily blend into the Riverfest Family

7)  Must be agreeable to represent Riverfest at various functions


Applications for Riverfest Commodore are currently closed.  Please check back in August!

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